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Paris | DIY Lashes

Paris | DIY Lashes

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Paris l 3D Lashes



Our very own DIY lashes are here! Say goodbye to hours and dollars spent at a salon and hello to the new quick, easy and more cost friendly way to lash extensions that you can even do right from the comfort of your own home!


High quality, handcrafted hemp fiber DIY lashes

Soft, light-weight and comfortable on the eye

Vegan and eco friendly

Easy to apply and lashes are already pre-cut into segments

Up to 7 day + wear with good care


Length: 8-15mm


PLEASE NOTE: The adhesive, the remover and the lash applicator are all sold separately and are not inclusive unless you purchase our DIY lash kit.



1: Underneath your natural lashes apply a thin coat using our lash adhesive bond, ensuring throughout this process to not apply the adhesive bond right on to the root of your waterline, however, rather about 1mm or so away from the waterline. Once applying the adhesive bond to your natural lashes allow 30 – 60 seconds for the adhesive to dry. For a better hold, also apply a thin coat of the lash adhesive to the DIY lash segments, ensuring to also allow drying time. This drying time enables the adhesive to get tacky and allow the DIY lash segments to really stick and hold.


2: Once you have allowed the bond to set, apply the DIY lash segments, one at a time underneath your natural lashes, starting from either the inner or outer corner of your eye (whatever is preferred – this is completely up to you and what is of more comfort to you, there is no right or wrong way). 


3: Once you have applied all DIY lash segments to the underneath of your natural lashes, use a lash applicator to further press your natural lashes, the lash adhesive bond and the DIY lash segments together to enable maximum hold 


And just like that you are all done in 3 easy steps, in less than 5 minutes and all from in the comfort of your own home!


Please do note that if it is your first-time applying DIY lashes, just like anything when it’s a first, it may not come as easy and may be a bit hard at first. Do not stress! That is perfectly NORMAL! Sometimes it takes time to get the hang of it and that is OK! In-fact while there are some people that get it first time around, there are A LOT of people that take a few attempts to get it right and get confident with it, so again, do not stress. You will get the hang of it, you got this babe and when you do you will be a pro and be able to apply your DIY lashes without even thinking!



-Once finished application of the DIY lashes, avoid getting the lashes wet until the lash adhesive bond has had time to really set. We advise a MINIMUM time frame of 24 hours.


-Be cautious and avoid applying makeup or product to your DIY lashes eg mascara etc as this will help enable longer wear and keep the lashes in tact

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